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When you're looking for funding, it can be a challenge to find information you can count on. Countless search engine results and conflicting content can leave you feeling less than reassured.

That's why we've created the On Stride Financial Resources Page, a central location covering a variety of useful topics and loan-related queries. Take a look around, and check back often! We'll continue to update as we build more comprehensive loan guides.

  • Common Loan Types
    Personal Loan

    "For many, the need for a personal loan can come in an emergency…"

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    No Guarantor Loan

    "No guarantor loans let you borrow money without a co-signer."

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    Instalment Loan

    "Instalment loans can come with a series of dates on which a repayment will be made."

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    Unsecured Loan

    "An unsecured loan is a loan in which the lender doesn’t require collateral from the borrower."

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    Online Loan

    "Online Loans allow you to apply from home or on the go and, if approved, receive funds directly in your bank account the same day as approval!"

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    Cash Loan

    "Cash loans are unsecured loans that are repaid in fixed payments over a period of weeks, months or years…"

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    Short-Term Loan

    "Short-terms loans may be able to help you bridge the gap between paydays."

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    Direct Lender

    "On Stride Financial is a direct lender, which means we handle application processing, funding and repayment."

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    Bad Credit Loan

    "Your credit report is quantified with a number, and not with 'good' or 'bad'."

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    Credit Cards for Bad Credit

    "Customers with less-than-perfect credit often turn to credit cards and alternative sources of funding such as online lenders like On Stride Financial."

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    Long-Term Loan

    "Long-term loans refer to loans ranging anywhere from 1 year to as many as 30 years."

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    Peer-to-Peer Lending

    "Today, there are many opportunities for consumers to get access to funds outside of high street banks, including online and peer to peer lending."

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    Debt Consolidation

    "Our loans allow consumers to consolidation their debt into scheduled automatic payments."

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    Low Interest Loans

    "Understanding how borrowers get the best rates on loans can help you get better rates when you need to borrow money."

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    Borrow Money Online

    "Online borrowing has surged in popularity over recent years, as consumers have grown more and more comfortable making purchases and managing their finances online."

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    Car Loans

    "Whether financing a car purchase or paying for repairs, use On Stride Financial to cover auto needs."

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    Home Improvement Loans

    "Whether needed for a repair or home improvement project, our personal loans may provide you with the funds you need."

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  • Common Loan Durations
    12 Month Loan

    "With fixed payments, your loan amount and total interest payable is divided evenly over the year…"

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    24 Month Loan

    "Instalment loans that are typically repaid in fixed payments over 24 months."

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  • Common Loan Amounts
    £1,000 Loans

    "Personal loans are best used for unexpected expenses, particularly emergency bills…"

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    £2,000 Loans

    "Never borrow more than you have to as doing so may cause financial hardship in the future."

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    £3,000 Loans

    "The main benefit of unsecured loans is that applicants can apply without having to worry about losing their home or vehicle in the future."

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