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Representative Example: Amount of credit: £550 for 7 months at £122.43 per month. Total repayment of £857.02. Interest: £307.02. Interest rate: 150% pa (fixed). 313.1% APR Representative.

About On Stride Financial's Online Loans

At On Stride Financial, we understand the value of convenience, speed, transparency and customer support. As an online personal loan lender, that's exactly what we deliver.

We provide unsecured personal loans ranging from £150 to £5,000 to residents of the United Kingdom. Approved customers can choose to repay their loan over six months to three years.

If you're looking for an online loan, apply for a loan with On Stride Financial. Have questions? Call us, email us or check out the sections below!

Reasons to Choose Online Loans

Traditionally, consumers have had to submit loan applications in person with a loan officer; or the borrower has to receive a form, complete it and mail it back to the lender. Unfortunately, this often means the borrower can only apply for a loan on certain days of the week and during business hours, and may wait days for a response. There are many banks and lenders that still operate this way.

Fortunately, online lending companies like On Stride Financial allow people in need of loans to complete and submit applications online — from nearly anywhere — in just a matter of minutes. The benefits of such technology are fairly obvious.


With online loans, potential borrowers can access and complete a personal loan application 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Consumers can apply for (and obtain) an online loan from the privacy of their homes — at any time of day or night.

Customer Support

Lenders that offer online loan applications 24/7 typically also offer multiple customer service options. If a consumer has a question about a loan, they can “chat” with an online customer support representative, call a toll-free customer service number or send a question via email.

Online loans have made great strides in serving the needs of borrowers.

If you'd like to learn more about unsecured loans from On Stride Financial, please check out our Unsecured Loans page.

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On Stride Financial offers personal loans available in amounts of £150 to £5,000 with loan durations of 6 to 36 months. The actual loan amount, APR and term may vary based on actual application details.

Personal loans from On Stride Financial are unsecured, so you don't have to offer any assets as "collateral."

One of the features of unsecured personal loans from On Stride Financial is that they are available with no guarantor. So not only do you not need to possess "assets" as collateral to secure your loan, but you don't need anyone else to help secure the loan for you. The entire process is based uniquely on your individual eligibility.

If you have any questions about On Stride Financial and how our loan process works, please feel free to email us or give us a call on 0800 210 0923. Think you're ready to apply? Let's start your application!

Does On Stride Financial Issue Loans in America?

On Stride does not offer loans to anyone living in the United States, but if you are a US resident in a state serviced by NetCredit, you can apply for a NetCredit installment loan. Visit NetCredit's online loans guide to learn more.

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