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Can You Get Credit Cards for Bad Credit?

When you need funds, you often don't have a lot of time to hunt around for the money you need, even if you have less-than-perfect credit. If people have difficulty securing a traditional loan, many will look at options like so-called bad credit credit cards. Below, you can learn more about what “bad credit” might mean in relation to loans, but customers in need of funds should also consider On Stride Financial's instalment loans.

At On Stride you can borrow over a term of six months to three years, and you can borrow up to £5,000. Actual loan amount, APR and term may vary based on application details.

Can I Get a Credit Card with a Bad Credit Score?

That depends on what you mean by “bad.” The thing to understand about credit scores is that they are the result of your previous financial behaviour. What this means is that a low credit score is low precisely because its owner has done things in the past like miss payments on bills, run up large credit card balances and default on debts. Properly understood, it’s not the score that stands in the way of a credit card or loan — it’s the history that created the credit score.

With that in mind, we can see that there are a range of less-than-perfect credit scores that might mean different things. Someone who has defaulted on a loan will likely have a very low score and it will be difficult for them to secure a credit card or loan until they spend some time demonstrating responsible financial behaviour. On the other hand, someone whose score is lower than they’d like because they missed several bill payments will likely have a higher score than the person who defaulted. This person may still have some trouble securing a credit card or loan, especially from a high street bank, but they will have more options open to them.

Depending on the actual number someone means when they say “bad credit,” they might have more or less options open to them. At the low end of the spectrum, it’s very unlikely that any reputable lender will approve a loan. In the middle, someone with less-than-perfect credit might believe themselves to have bad credit. Depending on their financial history, they may still have lending options, especially from alternative lenders.

What Should I Do If I Need Funds with Less-than-Perfect Credit?

If you find that you need funds and are having difficulty getting a credit card or other loan, On Stride Financial may be able to help! Though we do not offer “bad credit” loans, we do consider every application, regardless of credit score. By looking at your whole financial history, we may be able to offer you funds, even if you have less-than-perfect credit.

If you have less-than-perfect credit, consider options other than “bad credit” credit cards. With larger loan amounts, repayment ranges, and if used responsibly, On Stride Financial's loans could be the tool you need to take control of your financial future.

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At On Stride you can apply to borrow up to three years, and depending on your application details you can borrow up to £5,000. Approved customers are presented with terms and repayment information clearly laid out before signing an agreement. If you have any questions about On Stride Financial or our loans, feel free to contact us. Our customer support representatives are available 8am - 9pm, Monday – Friday, and 8am - 6:30pm on Saturday - Sunday.

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