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Britains £2 billion IOU

The UK racked up a debt of over £2 billion in the last year – made up entirely of money and items we’ve borrowed from friends, family and neighbours.

The average Brit currently owes and is owed £329

Read on to find out which UK regions most honour their IOUs, whether men or women can claim to be more responsible borrowers, and what that kind of cash could buy you right now.

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North and South Divide

Southern Generosity

Southerners are willing to offer four times more to a neighbour

On average, Southerners are willing to offer four times more to a neighbour, friend or family member than those in the north.

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Northerners Northerners
Southerners Southerners
North South Divide
Lending Divide

The lending divide is £317 (North) versus £2,311 (South)

The divide between what the South and the North would lend is largest when it comes to friends - £317 (North) versus £2,311 (South)

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Coins North


Average Lent to Friends
Cash Pile South


Average Lent to Friends

Regions Revealed


Gender Findings

Men VS Women

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Men are more inclined to let a loan slide than women - 11.77% wouldn’t ask for their money/item back.

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Men are more expectant of getting their money back in the short term than women.

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On average men would lend almost three times more money to a friend than a woman would.

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Women want their possessions back sooner than men.

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The longer an item has been borrowed, the more likely it is that a woman has it than a man.

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Nearly half (47.95%) of women have kept something they borrowed for more than a year.

Gender Split

Did you know?

Over a fifth of both men and women have had a disagreement with someone over a borrowed item - women narrowly edge this contest.

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Most Unusual Items Britons Have Asked to Borrow


One Shoe



Yorkshire Puddings

Yorkshire Puddings

Wedding Ring

Wedding Ring


A Horse


A Wig


Someone's Husband


A Pickaxe


A Cat


A Crucifix

Claim Back your £329

Last year Britons lent on average £329 to a neighbour, friend or family member. (As money or in item value.)

Hold on to your lawn mower, (and underwear?!) and take a look at what else an average saving of £329 a year could earn you...

Gym Membership

12 month gym membership

Based on an average cost of £26 per month, your £329 could buy you just over 12 months’ gym membership on a peak tariff!

Game Controller

a playstation 4

Now that you’re not fretting over getting your money back, unleash your pent-up frustrations on the virtual bad guys

Fridge Freezer

a fridge freezer

Stay cool with your brand new windfall and invest in a top-of-the-line fridge freezer

City Break Holiday

a venice city break

Unwind in one of the world’s most beautiful destinations with three blissful nights in a four-star hotel. Gondola not included

£363.24 (in 5 years)

By placing your initial investment into an ISA with a 2% interest rate – and adding no more to it – in five years you could see an additional £34.24 added to the balance. Totally worth it.

Prices correct as of January 2015

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