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Travel is a rewarding experience like little else. A study by psychologists Amit Kumar, Thomas Gilovich and Matthew Killingsworth suggests that money spent on doing (experiential purchases) versus money spent on having (material purchases) provides more joy and enduring happiness over time.1 The delight of exploring a new place is so unique. Sometimes the need for a secluded relaxing environment or the adrenaline rush of trying something new can only happen when you’re travelling. Craving a new adventure?

As the cultural landscape changes, weather shifts and tourism around the globe flourishes, more travel destinations are uncovered every year. While Paris will always be beautiful and Tokyo will always be bustling, there is something so refreshing about visiting an up-and-coming destination that is still mostly untouched by the tourist industry. Whatever the vacation you’re looking for, we’ve got you covered. Here are six trendy travel places to explore this year.


Bogota, Colombia

Currency: 3,867 Colombian Peso to 1 British Pound

Language: Spanish

Best Time to Go: December to March and July to August


Once thought to be a dangerous destination because of drug cartels and crime, Colombia is now a thriving destination to explore. In the last decade, the tourism industry has grown 250% — and for good reason.2 As you stroll down the streets with a cup of Colombian coffee, take in the colourful buildings of La Candelaria. Wind down at night by taking the cable car up to see the incredible views from Monserrate or kick it up a notch by taking salsa classes.


Moorea, French Polynesia

Currency: 134 Change Franc Pacifique Franc to 1 British Pound

Language: Tahitian

Best Time to Go: May to October


You’re probably familiar with Bora Bora and have seen photos of its picturesque beaches. Moorea is its much less known, less travelled and more affordable sister island. Only 200 kilometres apart, Moorea boasts much of the same features as Bora Bora at a fraction of the cost. Moorea, unlike Bora Bora, is accessible by a short ferry ride from Tahiti. Enjoy watching the sunset from your water bungalow and explore sea life off the coast of this large island.

Asheville, USA

Currency: 1.35 US Dollars to 1 British Pound

Language: English

Best Time to Go: March to May and September to November


Once you’ve hit travel staples like New York City and Los Angeles, where do you go next? If you love a wide variety of art, hearty barbecue, a good hike and plethora of beers to try, Asheville, North Carolina, is your next stop. Asheville boasts the third most microbreweries per capita in the United States, serving fresh-brewed beer at over 30 different spots.3 Once you’ve had your fill, walk it off with a mild hike in the Craggy Gardens or explore the art on display and for sale in the Art District.


Losinj Island, Croatia

Currency: 8.4 Croatian Kuna to 1 British Pound

Language: Croatian

Best Time to Go: September


The Croatian seaside often gets passed over for more popular destinations in Greece and Italy. Tucked away off the Adriatic Sea, Losinj Island lies about 250 kilometres north of the well-travelled Split. Enjoy crystal clear water along the many shores, some of which are rocky and others are sand. Known for its “open air therapy,” Losinj is known for over 1,200 herbs, the scent of which permeates the small island.4

Kathmandu, Nepal

Currency: 138 Nepalese Rupee to 1 British Pound

Language: Nepali

Best Time to Go: October and November


Once a popular travel destination, Nepal tourism suffered after a catastrophic earthquake in the spring of 2015. Since then, the country has made great strides to recover what was lost. The capital city of Kathmandu is bustling with energy. It’s a great jumping off point for day trips to the well-preserved medieval city of Bhakyapur or to explore even farther to find the most famous treks in Nepal: Annapurna Circuit and the Everest Base Camp. The best part? Nepal is a  budget-friendly location with visitors reporting a daily budget around £10 – £15.

Bhalil, Morocco

Currency: 13 Moroccan Dirham to 1 British Pound

Language: Arabic

Best Time to Go: Mid-March to May


The hustle and bustle of Fes and Casablanca can turn those who are looking for a more serene travel experience away from the beautiful landscape of Morocco. You’ll find Bhalil a short drive southeast of Fes, where houses are tucked away into caves that are hundreds of years old (you can even stay in one!). Mosey through the streets and take in the colours and slow-paced life. If you get antsy for an adventure, Bhalil is a great starting point for a quick side trip to Sefrou and Ifrane.






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