Top British Entrepreneurs


The UK’s Top Tycoons

  1. David and Simon Reuben1

    Net Worth: £6.8 billion

    The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom are two brothers from India. David and Simon Reuben are both self-made billionaires who got their start in London in 1950. Their first entrepreneurial venture was scrap metal trading and they eventually purchased England’s oldest carpet company. They used their earnings from the carpet industry to invest in property and raw materials businesses like aluminum and copper. The Reuben brothers are currently active in the British property market and acquired Oxford airport.

  2. Philip Green1

    Net Worth: £3.8 billion

    Philip Green is the current CEO of Arcadia Group, a collection of popular retail stores like Dorothy Perkins, Topshop and British Home Stores, and around 2,300 retail shops in the United Kingdom. Green began his business endeavors at the age of fifteen as a shoe importer. Through his extensive knowledge of international trade and retail, he began purchasing clothing stores. His entrepreneurial ventures have earned him the title of ninth wealthiest person in Britain.

  3. Richard Branson2

     Net Worth: £3.1 billion

    London native Richard Branson is the CEO of the Virgin Group, a brand that consists of more than 360 companies. He got his start in 1970 in the audio record mail order business. In 1972 he expanded to Virgin Records, which would later become Virgin Megastores. During the 1980s he began Virgin Atlantic Airways, which is now Britain’s second largest carrier. He is reported to be the 261st wealthiest individual in the world.

  4. J.K. Rowling1

     Net Worth: £600m

    Gloucestershire native and author Joanne Murray née Rowling, also known as J.K. Rowling, became a millionaire when her international bestseller series, Harry Potter hit shelves. Since then, she has sold more than 400 million copies and had her series turned into a number of blockbuster films. She is the first author to ever achieve a net worth of £1 billion.

  5. Duncan Bannatyne1

    Net Worth: £175m

    Duncan Bannatyne is the prototype for all entrepreneurs. With just £452 he started his first business selling ice cream from a used van. From there, he entered into the bed & breakfast and nursing industries where he developed over 30 properties. He would eventually sell those properties for £25m. He then invested £22m in the fitness club industry. His empire currently includes 40 spas, over 60 health clubs, and a string of hotels and bar.


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