Tips to Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions


Keeping Your 2015 ResolutionsWe all begin a new year with the best intentions and full of aspiration to improve ourselves. Over half of adults in the United Kingdom will make a New Year’s Resolution; but by the end of New Year’s day, over 2 percent will have already broken it.1 If you are making resolutions for 2015, here are some useful tips on how to stick to them:

Start Small

One of the most common New Year’s resolutions is to lose weight, with 14.5M people making it their promise.1 Like most resolutions, improving fitness and diet takes discipline and a lot of time. Instead of throwing yourself into a new routine, start slowly. Make resolutions that you believe you can keep up with throughout 2015. Be realistic with yourself and your time – if you think it’s impossible, create short-term goals. 

Take On One At a Time

Financial priorities are at the top of many peoples’ New Year’s resolutions. 55% resolve to stick to a budget while 33% resolve to get rid of debt.1 While these resolutions are realistic, they will be an adjustment. To make certain your New Year’s resolutions get accomplished, take on one at a time. This way you will not overwhelm yourself, and be more likely to stick to it.

Prepare for Setbacks

A staggering 48% of people believe they will only be able to keep their resolutions for 6 months or less.1 Perfection is not possible. Throughout the year, your resolutions will constantly be tested. To combat giving up, make a plan for what you will do if you take a few days off from the gym, break your diet, or splurge while shopping. Try to remind yourself why you chose your specific resolutions so you don’t break them or quit on them. 

Establish a Support Network

One in 5 individuals in the UK will keep their New Year’s resolutions throughout 2015. A great way to stay on track throughout the year is to form a circle of close family members or friends to continuously inspire you and keep you accountable. Whatever resolution you make, you may run into a rough patch where you will require support or push to keep going. Share your experiences, ask for advice and do the same for those around you.

Keep a Journal

2015 is a common year, meaning it will have 365 days and your resolutions will be present for all of them. Keep a journal with your experiences and document your accomplishments or areas of improvement. Throughout the year, glance back periodically and view your victories and losses so you can prepare and reward yourself in 2016.


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