Quick Fixes to Improve Your Home in 10 Minutes or Less


The life of a homeowner can be very busy! After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is put a lot of time into big projects around your home. However, the longer you leave things unattended, the worse the problems can become!

Instead of investing a large chunk of time every couple months (or even years), start small with these quick and easy fixes that can be done in 10 minutes or less. A little can go a long way and even save you money in the long run.


Lubricate Windows and Sliding Doors

When faced with the elements, the edges of windows and sliding doors often have built up dirt and particles that hinder movement of the window or door. Instead, spray a dry lubricant like WD-40 and wipe down the edges with a rag. Avoid oil-based lubricants, as they can actually attract dirt and may even cause minor damage to the vinyl.


Stabilise a Wobbly Chair

Rather than reconstructing an unstable chair to strengthen it, you can add stabilising screws that will help rebalance it. Drill pilot holes and drive trim-head screws through the bottom rungs of the chair rather than regluing them.


Clean Your Shower Head

Depending on your water source, there can be tons of buildup in your showerhead. Fill a small plastic bag with white vinegar, enough to immerse your entire showerhead. Secure it in place with a rubber band and allow it to soak for one hour. Afterwards, remove the baggy and give the showerhead a quick scrub with an old toothbrush before you turn it on for a final rinse.


Get Better-Closing Cabinets

Use magnetic door catches for pesky cupboards that don’t seem to stay shut. They’re simple to install with either adhesive or a screwdriver. If your cupboards have no problem closing but make a loud sound in the process, add buffers to each of the outer corners. They’re very affordable and will make your cabinets close almost silently!


Restore Your Faucet

If the flow of your faucet leans one way or doesn’t come out evenly, a clogged or damaged aerator screen is typically the cause. Luckily, cleaning (or replacing) an aerator is very simple. Remove the aerator by unscrewing the end of the faucet. Soak the aerator in white vinegar for 30 minutes and scrub with an old toothbrush before rinsing and replacing it.


Use Dish Soap to Unclog Your Toilet

Sometimes a plunger just won’t do the trick. Before you call the plumber, try using liquid dish soap first. The soap helps reduce any friction and can help the blockage slip down.


Replace Your Old Furnace Filter

Check your furnace filters about once a month and change them every few months. New filters can substantially reduce the amount of airborne dust particles and help improve the air quality in your home. It’s not an improvement you can see, but it’s certainly noticeable!


Swap out Your Light Switches for Dimmers

Dimmer switches are another way you can cut down costs while adding to the ambience of your home. You can use standard incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, or you can look for bulbs specifically labelled for use with dimmer switches.


Straighten Out Your Bent Blinds

Replacing an entire set of blinds when only one or two slats are deformed is a big waste of money. Instead, invest in a low-cost slat straightener. For the cost of a lunch out, you can repair all your metal slats.


Rearrange a Room

Work with what you have to give a popular space in your home new life. Sometimes the only thing holding a room back from its true potential is the flow of the space. Consult a guide to see if you can improve the room simply by giving it a new perspective.

Sync up Your Appliances

When the aesthetic of your appliances doesn’t match, it can make them look more dated than they are. Ditch the mismatched look by using stainless steel paint. Skip the costly purchase of a whole new appliance while still gaining the seamless look of matching units.


Use Some Elbow Grease

The buildup in the grout can make your shower, floor and countertop all look years older than they truly are. The easiest way to make a bathroom look younger is by doing a deep clean of the tiles. Do a deep clean, or if it’s beyond saving, consider re-grouting and replacing

Barbara Davidson


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