Flag Designs for 14 British Cities Without a Flag

Throughout history flags have been used in battle to send signals to allies or enemies. Nowadays they’re mostly used symbolically to reflect the values, history and traditions of the places they represent. A city flag can reflect the uniqueness of that place and instill a sense of pride. Many cities […]

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lists you should make

Every List You Need in Life

There are three types of people in this world: people who never keep a list, people that might use a list for groceries, and people who make a list for everything just so they can cross it off. No matter which category you fit in, there is no denying that […]

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monthly budgeting template

4 Simple Personal Monthly Budget Templates

A recent survey found that one in four UK families have less than £95 in savings.1 This probably comes as no surprise, especially because almost a third of British workers find themselves living paycheque to paycheque — where does one even begin to find room to save in these financial […]

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8 Beer Cocktails to Spice up Your Evening

It’s a common predicament: you have guests coming over and want to prepare drinks, but nearly every cocktail recipe you find has a host of ingredients that you simply can’t afford. Thankfully, there are lots of great cocktails you can whip up without having to spend a week’s worth of […]

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spending detox

25 No-Spend Weekend Activities

Sometimes after a big party or a weekend of travel, diets spiral out of control and our bodies crave some time to recover. Whether it be a juice cleanse or a diet detox of healthy meals, sometimes we just need to reset. The same thing can happen with our spending […]

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buy by the month

Save Money Shopping by Season

Every year, it seems things get a little harder financially. Inflation raises prices just a little faster than your income raises your spending limit. Houses and cars get older and need more repairs. Kids also get older, graduating to more expensive toys. It’s enough to discourage even the most optimistic […]

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