19 Tips to Save Money

19 Ways to Save Money in an Hour

Trying to save money can be a challenge. But we’ve identified a number of ways to save both money and time. Check out these 19 ways to save money in an hour: 1. Pack Lunch Instead of buying your lunch at work every day, bring it from home. You will […]

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How Can I Get Rid of My Debt?

5 Lesser-Known Ways to Repay Your Loans

Debt has unfortunately become a familiar problem to most of us. Every month we are plagued with loan payments that seem never-ending. But there are many different options for getting out of the money hole. Here are seven lesser-known ways to repay your loans: 1. Biweekly Payments The majority of […]

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Facebook, Google and the Biggest Tech Acquisitions

In the highly competitive tech industry, there are two ways to get ahead of the rest of the market when it comes to acquisitions. Some companies are better at identifying the startups who are working on products and systems which can make their business more cost-effective and whose employees would […]

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How to increase your home's value

Home Makeover for Less

According to the Guardian, house prices are almost 9% higher than they were on average in England and Wales one year ago,1 which may suggest that buyer confidence is finally on the rise after many years in the doldrums. Before this, homeowners across the UK have had a very difficult time […]

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See the Sights for less

Enjoy EU Hotspots on a Budget

With numerous exciting European cities on the map, it’s hard to know which one to tick off your wish list first. While budget plays a part in the final decision, how many people look at comparable city break destinations to save more money? A report released by the Post Office1 narrows […]

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Billionaire Hometown

What If British Billionaires Bought Their Birthplaces?

What If British Billionaires Bought Their Birthplaces? Of all the people who found fame, success and wealth, there’s no tale more inspirational than the old rags-to-riches story; the bestselling author who typed away in her modest flat or the entrepreneur who left school without a qualification to his name. Now […]

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Want to reduce energy costs

Household Energy Spending: 5-Year Rise

A recent report1 conducted by the Office for National Statistics indicated a significant rise in household energy costs since 2012. Despite a decline in average energy usage, a 55% increase in monthly spend on household energy was recorded. With energy bills predicted to rise further over the next six years, […]

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