Where Should I Shop This Holiday Season?

Holiday Shopping Report 2014

The holidays are the busiest season of the year. Although it may seem early to begin preparing, many consumers have begun setting their budgets and adding items to their lists. This year, more than in previous years, holiday shoppers will be doing the majority of their browsing and purchasing on […]

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The UK’s Top Tycoons

Top British Entrepreneurs

David and Simon Reuben1 Net Worth: £6.8 billion The wealthiest entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom are two brothers from India. David and Simon Reuben are both self-made billionaires who got their start in London in 1950. Their first entrepreneurial venture was scrap metal trading and they eventually purchased England’s oldest […]

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Generous Twitter Charity

The UK Tweets For a Good Cause

The popularity of Channel 4’s recent charity fundraiser Stand Up to Cancer is a great sign of peoples’ willingness to get involved in a good cause – whether that’s through running a fundraiser themselves or simply donating a few pounds. With more than 40,000 Stand Up For Cancer-related tweets doing […]

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Insomnia in Britain

What’s Keeping Britain Awake?

If you’ve ever had a sleepless night through worrying, you’re not alone. We recently conducted a survey to discover the nation’s sleeping habits, good and bad, and may have the answer to what’s keeping Britain awake at night. We asked 2,000 UK men and women of ages 18 and over […]

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British Pound Coin

The History of the British Pound

History1,2 The British pound, also known as the pound sterling, is 1200 years old. The sterling pound is considered to be the oldest living currency in the world. Many believe it was created in Britain, but its origins can be traced back to continental Europe. It was born around 775AD, […]

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Try Our Simple Budget Worksheet!

Can You Afford to Take Out a Loan?

Before you apply for a loan, you’ll want to determine whether you can afford your payments. You can use a monthly budget worksheet like this one to figure out how much income you’ll have left over at the end of every month. If that amount is enough to cover your loan […]

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How Far Can 1000 Get You in Europe?

Cost of Living in Europe – The £1000 edition

If you’ve ever wondered how our continental cousins make their money go further, we’ve produced a handy comparison guide to the finest cities in Europe — and how long you could afford to live in them. With a £1,000 budget we’ve determined how long you could live like a resident […]

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The Most Valuable Comic Books

When the comic book industry boomed in the late 1980s and early ‘90s thanks to news-making storylines and the original Batman movie, shrewd fans began investing in older titles, and the genre’s popularity in the past decade has taken the wave of collecting even higher. As bidding begins on web […]

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