Prepping Saves Time and Money

How Meal Prep Helps You

Eating well throughout the week can be difficult. It seems like we have less and less time to spend choosing and preparing meals, while unhealthy options constantly present themselves in the guise of fast food, junk snacks and sugary sweets. One way to keep your diet under your control is […]

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Save on Your Garden

4 Tips for An Affordable Garden

As the weather improves, gardening is a great way to spend your leisure hours. In addition to being relaxing and fun, a bit of time spent taking care of your garden can help you save money, letting you grow your own fruits and vegetables. Here are some tips for affordably […]

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Making the Most of Your Weekend

After a long and trying workweek, the weekend is the designated time to relax and do something exciting to unwind. However, often times we find ourselves engaging in the same activities nearly every weekend. Did you know three in four Brits do the exact same thing every Saturday and Sunday? […]

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Travel Tips for Business Travellers

Practical Business Travelling Tips

Embarking on a business trip is hectic; you have to pack, hop on a plane, prepare your work, check-in at a hotel and eventually try to rest before repeating the same cycle the following morning. Not exactly relaxing — especially if you’re not used to it! If you’re a first-time […]

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Travelling By Train

The Real Cost of Commuting by Train in the UK

According to a 2013 survey of the British workforce1, a tenth of us travels by train to get to the office every morning. And as the train prices rise year on year, costing over £5,000 for an annual ticket in some parts of London2, we’re left to wonder if we […]

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Stretch Your Holiday Budget With Travel Rewards

How to Take Advantage of Credit Card Travel Rewards

The appeal of travel rewards cards is simple: Just by spending money, you can save on holiday, paying less for flights and hotel lodging. If you use your card regularly and pay your balance back on time, you can quickly find yourself able to travel style for very little money. […]

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Keep Your Wallet Full on Holiday

Ways to Save When Travelling

Heading out of town on a holiday can help you relax and expand your horizons but it can also be expensive! Luckily, a little planning can go a long way towards keeping your costs down while travelling. Check out our tips below to figure out how you can take a […]

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Get away…close to home.

Planning a “Staycation” in the British Isles

As tempting as it may be to visit exotic locales and resort towns, sometimes our budget necessitates a more localised approach to tourism. The financial difference between a foreign holiday and a staycation — that is, a vacation in one’s home country rather than abroad — is substantial; the average […]

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