Minimum Wage Around the World


Among the 25 countries in the Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD) who have a legal minimum wage, the United Kingdom has the 8th highest.1 How does it compare with the rest of the world? Our new infographic below shares minimum wages from around the globe.

Minimum Wage Around the World

Infographic Roundup:

The United Kingdom introduced a minimum wage in 1909. Currently, adults over the age of 21 earn at least £6.50 per hour.1

Countries in Europe Without Minimum Wage

Austria, Cyprus, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland are the only 10 countries in Europe with no minimum wage.

Global Minimum Wage

Around the world, minimum wage fluctuates depending on the government, economy and state of affairs. We gathered a list of minimum wages around the world below.2

Australia – £10.05/hour

Australia introduced a minimum wage in 1896.

Brazil – £1.23/hour

Each state has its own minimum wage, which is adjusted annually by the federal government.

Canada – £5.95/hour

The minimum wage is set by province and territory.

China – £1.37/hour

China’s wage is set locally and ranges per hour or per month. 

Hong Kong – £2.70/hour

The first minimum wage was introduced in May 2011.

Japan – £4.12/hour

Japan’s minimum hourly wage is 780 yen, which is enough to purchase a bowl of noodles.

New Zealand – £7.89/hour

The first minimum wage law was enacted by New Zealand in 1894.

Spain – £3.73/hour 

Spain pays their workers monthly, totaling £546.52.

United States – £4.68/hour

In the United States, minimum wages were nationally introduced in 1938.



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