Kerb Appeal: Improve the Appearance of Your Property


Does Your Property Have Kerb Appeal?First impressions are just as important as first glimpses. When you are walking through a residential neighbourhood or in the city streets, what you do notice about the buildings first? The qualities that make the exterior of a structure look attractive to you, to a buyer, or to a customer, is the kerb appeal of a property. Creating a first impression isn’t easy and requires some maintenance. Do you want to improve the appearance of your home, business, or property? We have some suggestions for all of them.

Kerb Appeal for Your Home

Are you planning to sell your home soon? Whether it is a cottage or flat, first impressions can solidify or break a sale. It takes potential buyers eight seconds or less to decide whether or not they like the house.1 Making improvements does not have to be expensive – much of it is DIY. Here are five ways you can improve your home’s kerb appeal:

  1. The approach to the front door. When your guests are walking to your entrance, make certain the area is cleared of rubbish. If you have a bicycle or car, try to park them neatly.
  2. Paint your front door. Although it sounds obvious, this is the first thing your guests will see.
  3. Make certain the numbers or names on your home are clear. The more modern the signage, the better. Plus your guests need to be able to locate your home.
  4. Lighting is vital. Not only is this a safety concern, it also adds symmetry and makes your home appear swanky.
  5. Spruce up the brickwork. You can do this by repainting, re-pointing, or rendering the brickwork. Keep with the theme of your front door and home.

Kerb Appeal for Your Store

The same way in which your home can appear inviting from the street, a well-maintained appearance can also make your storefront appealing. In order to achieve that, consider the following questions:2

  1. Can customers, both new and old, see your signage from the street?
  2. Does the outside of your shop appear clean and inviting?
  3. How does the window display look from the street?

Creating an experience for your customers and playing into their sensory attributes will help increase sales and invite them to shop awhile longer.

Kerb Appeal for your Commercial Property

Commercial properties like shopping centres, parking structures and office buildings can benefit considerably from a professional landscaping strategy. Some property owners occasionally overlook the importance of a well-maintained landscape. It can make the difference in attracting customers and losing them to competitors. Consider implementing these 3 tips to spruce up your property:

  1. If overgrown trees and shrubs cover your commercial property, trim them so you are visible to those passing by.
  2. Branded Shrubbery.3 If you are attached to the shrubs, exercise some creativity and carve out your company logo.
  3. Outdoor Furniture. Making a pleasant designated seating area is inviting to your customers and guests. If it is in your budget, consider adding a fountain as a finishing touch.


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