How to be Productive at Home and Work


How to be Productive at Home & WorkIn today’s demanding world, finding the time to accomplish everything on your plate isn’t always so easy. Whether you’re struggling to finish tasks at home or meet the demands of work, there’s a productivity problem at play. Making an active effort to improve your productivity will help you live a much more organised and stress-free life. And in order to improve it, you’ll need more than just caffeine. Read on for four ways to be productive at home and at work.

1. Limit Distractions
At the office you are bound to encounter many different types of distraction. It might not be easy but, in order to be as productive as possible, try to spend less time on social media, your phone and chitchatting with colleagues. If need be, find a secluded spot where distractions won’t be able to find you.

While at home, there are arguably more distractions and temptations than any other place. With a comfy couch and a TV in clear view, getting things done in a timely manner can sometimes be difficult. When you start your work, get off the couch, turn off the TV, don’t take phone calls and don’t start thinking about what to make for dinner! If you have a desk or office area, use that space as a designated work/no distraction zone. Whatever you’re trying to accomplish, do it with limited distractions for the best possible productivity.

2. Figure Out Your Best Hours
Unfortunately, our brains aren’t capable of performing at peak levels at every hour of the day. Each of us has certain times of the day where we tend to be more alert and thus get more done. Plan your day based on these optimal focus times to maximise productivity! If you find yourself pumping out work from 6 a.m.– 11 a.m., but get little to nothing done past 3 p.m., then use that information to schedule your day appropriately.

3. Form Habits
Once a habit is formed, it’s hard to break. Once you get into the swing of things at work or at home, you’ll be more productive than ever. So make a habit of either waking up, grabbing a coffee and knocking out all of your emails, or always doing your proposals and meetings after lunch. Figure out what system works for you then repeat it until it becomes a habit. You’ll find yourself being productive without even thinking about it!

4. Find Time for Leisure
While deciding the best route for getting the most done, make sure you allow yourself room for relaxation. According to a recent study, the highest-performing 10% of workers tend to work for 52 minutes followed by a 17-minute break.1 Taking these breaks in your day is necessary for you to not feel too bogged down. If you’re able to sneak away from your work, taking a daytime nap can actually improve your productivity by allowing yourself and your brain a chance to recharge a bit.


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