How Does Your Garden Grow Your Home’s Value?


Can Your Home Sell For Big?With house prices mostly on the rise since 2012,1 homeowners are always on the lookout for some cost-effective home improvement ideas to boost the value of their property. While a loft conversion can potentially add 20% to the value of your home,2  the cost for having this work done professionally can be anything between twenty and thirty thousand pounds3— a lofty sum for anyone who’s considering a home improvement loan.

There are many ways to add value to your home in every room, at varying costs dependent on the return you’re hoping for. However, despite its importance on any house-hunter’s list — with 40% of them saying they wouldn’t consider a house whose garden is too small4— many people overlook the potential of their garden as a source of added value.

So what can be done outdoors to increase the value of the property as a whole that’s both affordable and adds value? Here are our top tips for how to make your garden grow the value of your home.

Mow the lawn!

It might seem simple enough to tidy up your garden ahead of a visit, but neglecting to perform regular lawn and hedge maintenance can be bad for its condition. If not treated properly with decent care products, your grass can look decidedly malnourished — in this case it’ll most definitely be greener on the other side. Be sure also to trim the hedges and rein in any overgrown plants and flowers, especially around the front, as it helps to create a very neat and tidy first impression of your property.

Shedloads of value

If you don’t have one already, buying a garden shed is definitely worth the small investment, as keen gardeners will be glad of somewhere to store their tools. Demonstrate how seriously you take your garden by having plenty of supplies on hand to show potential buyers what can easily be done to transform the exterior.

A grand redesign

With garden landscapers earning a very good living from restarting gardens from scratch, you might find it worth the investment when upping the value of your home to call in the big guns. However, with the British weather as it is you might not find it such a worthwhile spend. If you’re keen to make some effort though, you can always spend a summer’s Bank Holiday weekend laying down some decking next to the back door or even perhaps a patio; creating a space to spend time with family and friends whenever the sun does shine.








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