Tips For Financial Planning


Finance Bootcamp: Financial PlanningFinancial planning is a constant work in progress. It is used to help you achieve your financial goals and keep you and your family on track with your current funds and in the long-term. This includes creating a budget, putting appropriate wills in place, establishing how your partner or family will handle finances should something unfortunate happen and making smart investments. All of those items encompass your financial plan. By planning your finances, you will have a better road map for your life, your stress may be lowered and you’ll feel more in control!

Here is how to create a financial plan in six simple steps:

1. Establish Your Goals

What are your short, medium and long-term goals? Is it to save more money, purchase a home, or settle various debts? Discuss your financial goals with your partner or family to determine what makes the most sense sooner and later.

2. Determine Your Assets and Liabilities

Do you have any assets or liabilities? Assets are your owned properties, holdings, valuables, etc. Liabilities are your financial obligations, debts and responsibilities. Jot them down.

3. Evaluate Your Current Financial Position

Are you comfortable with your current financial state? What planning, investments, etc. do you need to complete before you’re in your ideal financial state? Consider your retirement and savings funds.

4. Develop Your Plan

When you have established your goals, determined your assets and liabilities and evaluation your financial position — it’s time to create a road map for achieving your other financial goals.

5. Implement Your Plan

Once you had identified your various financial goals, it’s time to implement your financial plan to achieve your short, medium and long-term goals.

6. Monitor and Review Your Plan Annually

Every year, monitory and review your financial plan. This will allow you to evaluate your financial successes and failures so you are able to make adjustments.

Now that you are familiar with financial planning, do you think you and your family may need assistance planning your finances? Visit the Money Advice Service to learn more about choosing a financial adviser.



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