How to Master the Digital First Impression


How you look, what you say and how you behave remain vital tools for job applicants in the digital age: with employers taking just three seconds1 to decide whether they like you, it has become essential to cultivate an online presence that leaves no room for doubt.

While it pays to keep a presentable Facebook profile (a potential boss does not need to be your ‘friend’ to see that drunken profile pic), LinkedIn is the first port of call for managers looking to profile their applicants. LinkedIn is more than just a CV and, in addition to listing your professional and academic achievements, you can create a more rounded impression of who you are – and why you’d be so great to work with – by showing off some of your other accomplishments and interests: sports participation (you’re a team player), articles you’ve written (an independent thinker with energy to burn), industry events you’ve attended (you are motivated and engaged).

The world of work begins online these days, and the timing of your first impression is not always in your control. However, by using digital tools to capitalize on your online presence, you’ll always be prepared to make an excellent first impression, even when you’re not expecting to have to.

First impressions infographic



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