Decorate a Better Garden on a Budget


garden ideasWhen great weather finally rolls around, all you want to do is bask in the sunshine and enjoy the fair air. But what if your budget for outdoor décor is thin and your garden is blah?

Whether you like to host or plan on sharing the space with just your family or flat mates, you want your little slice of the outdoors to be inviting and fun to hang out in. These fantastic DIY projects and décor tips will up the ambience and make your garden the outdoor wonderland you’ve dreamed of.



Concrete bench: With a few concrete blocks, wooden posts and some cushions, you can have a unique outdoor seating arrangement. The supplies needed are very economical, waterproof and able to be adjusted or added on to over time.

Décor pillows: Throw pillows are a great way to add a big pop of style without a lot of effort. Unfortunately, when you need more than one, the overall cost can add up quickly. Instead, make your own pillow and weatherproof it with an outdoor fabric spray.


Fire pit: Functional and fun, a DIY firepit could be an amazing centerpiece for your large outdoor space. Styles vary depending on the stone you use and shape you choose, so you can truly personalise it to your space.

Rope light: If the terrain of the garden makes it challenging to navigate in the dark, light the way with rope lights. This waterproof lighting solution adds a light glow which clearly lights the way at night.

Tin can lanterns: These homemade lanterns create a one-of-a-kind glow to your outdoor space. Punch in your initials, a fun design or your favourite constellation — the possibilities are endless!



Colander planters: Repurpose colanders you no longer use or pick up some from the thrift shop or a Pound Land. Pick a colourful combination to really spice up your outdoor space.

Palette herb garden: Want to save money on groceries? Enjoy fresh herbs all summer? Count us in! Grab an old pallet from a lumber yard and plant basil, rosemary and more — perfect for summer recipes!

Privacy garden: If you have a smaller or shared outdoor space, you may not be getting the privacy you want. Help break up the space and add some style with a DIY hanging rain gutter garden.



Galvanised tub coffee table: Perfect for holding drinks or snacks, this low and wide table is a great use of a large galvanised tub (commonly found at feed stores or construction stores for cheap!).

Tree stump table: Have an unsightly tree stump on your land? Removal can be pricey, so why not work with what you have to make something better! A simple upgrade to a table solves your problem at a much cheaper rate and provides you with functional space to gather.

Ice chest table: Create something that makes you look cool and keeps your drinks cool, like this ice chest table. When not in use, you can always use the top for additional table space or storage on the second shelf below.

Barbara Davidson


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