Cost of Living in Europe – The £1000 edition


How Far Can 1000 Get You in Europe?If you’ve ever wondered how our continental cousins make their money go further, we’ve produced a handy comparison guide to the finest cities in Europe — and how long you could afford to live in them.

With a £1,000 budget we’ve determined how long you could live like a resident in some of Europe’s most popular cities — covering utilities and rent, food and drink, as well as budgeting for a daily bit of entertainment. So whether you’re touring the art galleries or enjoying a splashing day out at a water park, our guide to the Cost of Living in Europe will tell you all you need to know.

From looking at the map there’s an immediate distinction between the cities of Eastern and Western Europe – with the likes of Sofia and Budapest offering much more bang for your buck than London and Paris. At an average cost of £145.90 per day — coincidentally the cost of a month’s utility bills there — London boasts by far the most expensive conditions for living and dining; while Budapest comes in 30p under £20 per day! This means that while you could rack up a good seven weeks in Hungary’s capital, at London’s prices you wouldn’t even last a single week without exceeding your £1,000 budget.

The times in Zurich would be just as tough on the wallet; private health insurance is compulsory and costs about £7.40 a day, while a pint of beer costs about £4.00. While you could feasibly last just over a week in Switzerland’s largest city, you would live much more affordably for much longer in Istanbul, where a pint is £1.25 and you’d manage to eke out almost six weeks on the same budget of a grand.

For more information on Europe’s top cities and how long you’d get by as a resident on our £1,000 challenge, visit and think about where you would rather be with these facts in hand.



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