The Cost of Living Abroad: 10 Cities Around the World


Have you ever thought about picking up stakes and moving to a different city halfway across the world — experiencing a new culture, learning a new language and starting a new chapter of your life?

We’ve gone global and investigated ten different cities, seeing how much it would it cost to live in each per month. From accommodations to entertainment, we have the numbers that might just turn your travel daydreams into reality.

Johannesburg, South Africa: £732

Johannesburg, or Jo’burg, is a city in the midst of rediscovering itself. With its first general election only held back in 1994, Johannesburg has been undergoing an economic and cultural revitalization. Yet it remains committed to telling its history with a number of noted museums and institutions like the Apartheid Museum and Mandela House Museum. It’s cosmopolitan living with the African safari for a backyard.

Marrakesh, Morocco: £781

Marrakesh is one of Morocco’s largest cities, located inland near the base of the Atlas Mountains. The city is unlike anything you’ve ever explored. While it’s experiencing an economic boom, the city remains entrenched in its long history. Marrakesh is filled with palaces, mosques, souks and museums, though you don’t need to go to any museum to experience Marrakesh’s history. You’ll live it just by walking through the streets.

Kyoto, Japan: £1,000

Kyoto is as traditional as Tokyo is modern. But don’t let that fool you into thinking the city is a rustic outpost. Kyoto is a city more in tune with traditional Japanese culture. Think modern, but at a slower and more dignified pace. As a hymn to Shintoism, the city is deeply respectful of the surrounding nature and takes pride in its mountainous trails, beautiful blooms and verdant gardens.

Montreal, Canada: £1,120

Montreal is a slice of Parisian sophistication sitting in the Eastern half of Canada. A positively cosmopolitan city, it’s a perfect blend of old-world and new-world: colonial architecture neighbours up to sleek skyscrapers, cobblestone alleyways sit next to broad boulevards and dark and cosy pubs play against thumping night clubs. Be sure to practice your French if you plan on moving here. English is spoken but French is the language of choice.

Seoul, South Korea: £1,402

Seoul is fast becoming one of the more popular cities to live in. Exporter of K-Pop and addicting Korean soap operas, its centuries-old history and booming new infrastructure blend together in an intoxicating mix — it’s sure to lure any traveller to stay there just a little bit longer, especially when it comes to food!

Santiago, Chile: £1,814

Santiago, the capital of Chile, sits nestled between the Andes and the Chilean Coastal Range. A verdant yet sophisticated metropolis, Santiago is comprised of small distinct neighbourhoods and dotted with numerous parks in the surround hills. Santiago’s climate and soil make it a particularly prime spot for growing wine grapes, and as a result, the city is close to a number of prominent vineyards.

London, UK: £2,455

Don’t overlook London just because it’s in our backyard! As one of the world’s top cities, it’s a choice spot to live in. However, you’ll need a fairly well paying job to afford living in the city proper, as London is one of the most expensive cities in the world to live in.

Melbourne, Australia: £2,879

Down the coast from Sydney, Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city and one of the top liveable cities in the world according to the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU). It’s widely considered the cultural capital of Australia and is bursting with museums, theatres, festivals and gardens, not to mention a beautiful coastline. Melbourne is also host to the largest and longest continuous Chinese settlement outside of mainland China — Chinatown Melbourne is famous for its array of Cantonese and Mandarin culinary delights.

Hong Kong, China: £2,935

One of the most vibrant cities of the east, Hong Kong is a unique city and culture unto its own — hosting a blend of Chinese history, colonial influences and an ever-expanding commercial sector with dazzling skyscrapers. As if Buddhist temples and 200 story glass buildings nestled together isn’t enough, Hong Kong’s culinary predilections, a blend of Cantonese, Shanghainese, Vietnamese, Japanese and Portuguese, will have you eating until you’re beyond full, and then some.

San Francisco, United States: £3,660

San Francisco is a worldly metro destination. Heralded for its temperate climate, laid-back lifestyle and burgeoning tech sector both inside and outside city limits, San Francisco is an alluring city to set up home in. But beware! All the charms and pluses of this city come at a price, and a steep one at that. You’d need a median average income of around £73,068 to comfortably support a family.

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