Personal Finance Flowchart

Is it better to save or pay off debts? Where do the things you really want fall under the things you need? How do you spend your money for the best outcome? Prioritising your finances can spur a lot of confusing questions.

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A Visual Guide to Spotting Counterfeit Money

  Money makes the world go around — but if you use fake currency by mistake, it’s likely to put a sudden stop to your day. It’s easy for a shopkeeper to accidentally pass you a fake banknote without you noticing. When you try to pass it on, you realise […]

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How to Create a Budget Worksheet in Google Drive

While there are loads of budgeting templates online, they don’t always fit our lifestyle, or they may not be easy to update when major changes occur. That’s why we’ve created a step-by-step guide to get you started off on the right foot. Create your own customised budget and start working toward your goals.

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Monthly Savings Guide: How to Start Saving for a Home

Deciding to buy a house is a major decision, and it’s one that you shouldn’t rush into. Purchasing (and owning) a house requires a certain level of fiscal responsibility and management skill. If budgeting is difficult and extra spending seems to get the better of you more often than not, […]

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credit card

Credit Score 101

  A good credit score can help increase the success of many life events like taking out a mortgage, financing a car and more. Having a high credit score will qualify you for better interest rates and can save you more money in the long run! Credit scores clearly have […]

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kids money header

6 Money Concepts to Teach Your Kids

  Ensuring that your kids know how to deal with money while they’re growing up gives them a much better shot at a trouble-free economic life as adults. It needn’t be a topic that you obsess over, and indeed the best the lessons your children will receive will be from […]

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