A Visual Guide to Spotting Counterfeit Money

  Money makes the world go around — but if you use fake currency by mistake, it’s likely to put a sudden stop to your day. It’s easy for a shopkeeper to accidentally pass you a fake banknote without you noticing. When you try to pass it on, you realise you’ve been ripped off. How […]

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credit card

Credit Score 101

  A good credit score can help increase the success of many life events like taking out a mortgage, financing a car and more. Having a high credit score will qualify you for better interest rates and can save you more money in the long run! Credit scores clearly have a big impact on how […]

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6 Money Concepts to Teach Your Kids

  Ensuring that your kids know how to deal with money while they’re growing up gives them a much better shot at a trouble-free economic life as adults. It needn’t be a topic that you obsess over, and indeed the best the lessons your children will receive will be from observing you in your daily […]

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Personal Finance Bucket List

When you were a child, you might have begun your savings small, tucking away a quid here, a quid there. Eventually, your little bank would swell enough that you could indulge in candies, toys and more. You had a goal in mind, tucked away what you could and eventually achieved your goal.

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How to Start a Budget

Saving money is like going on a diet: nobody likes to do it, but you feel the effort will be worth it down the line. However, these pursuits have something else in common. In both cases, working out a sustainable lifestyle rather than a binge effort can be healthier and more productive in the long […]

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