meal prep

7 Tips to Start Meal Planning — and Stick to It!

Have you been trying to get into meal planning but just can’t seem to stick to it? Or do you know that your budget will greatly benefit from meal planning but don’t know where to start? It doesn’t have to be so challenging. Follow these seven simple tips to get […]

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DIY gifts

6 DIY Gifts (That Don’t Look Homemade)

Sometimes the most budget-friendly and heartfelt gifts are the kind you make yourself. However, if you aren’t a big crafter, sometimes your DIY presents can end up looking more like a primary school art project. Fortunately for you, there are several easy projects out there that turn out great at […]

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stress free home

Checklist for a Stress-Free Home

After a long day at work, the last thing you want to do is walk into a stressful environment. The place where you sleep, eat, socialize and otherwise spend most of your time should bring you joy and a sense of relaxation, not a reminder of things left undone or […]

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30 Things to Throw Out in 30 Days

Decluttering is a practice we could all benefit from. Maintaining good organisational habits around your home can save you from a lot of headaches. An organised home is an organised mind, after all. To that end, consider these 30 areas or items you can clean up to free your home […]

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An Introvert’s Guide to Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be particularly tough for introverts. Everybody has a mixture of excitement and anxiety on their first day, but introverts will be faced with the types of challenge that stress them the most. What can you do to prepare yourself for such a big day? As […]

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13 Driving Tactics to Save Fuel (Header Image)

13 Driving Tactics to Save Fuel

Driving can be expensive! You find your dream car at a little more than the right price, but then you have to add in road tax, insurance, and other extras. Once it’s on the road, there are always small repairs to do, and the cost is never small. Fuel can […]

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Tools to Keep You Motivated

Barely six months have passed since New Year’s resolutions were declared and probably around five months since they were abandoned! Making a new goal to improve your life is easy — forming the new habit and fully committing to it? Now that’s the challenge. Sometimes the drive to improve our lives […]

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