The Motto of Every County in the UK, Mapped

The counties of the UK are a weird and wonderful mosaic of overlapping histories, local rivalries, strange dialects, and curious customs. While the land was originally divided into administrative areas by the Romans, over time these artificial borders have come to represent the best and worst of regional pride – […]

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9 Ways to Focus a Wandering Mind

It’s probably no surprise that the human mind has a tendency to wander. Scientific research has discovered that this trait is almost ubiquitous among humans, and most of us experience it regularly.. While the neural basis for mind wandering remained something of a mystery until recently, research has begun to […]

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How to Have More Meaningful Conversations header

How to Have More Meaningful Conversations

Most of us don’t give much thought to our conversation style. Some conversations are good, some of them are bad and others instantly forgettable. We often don’t have a choice about who we talk to, and the best thing we can do is hope to find someone we “click” with. […]

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12 Quirky Measurements You've Never Heard Of Header Image

12 Quirky Measurements You’ve Never Heard Of

From scientists to farmers, bar owners to computer engineers, humans have shown boundless capacity for conjuring up strange and humorous ways to quantify the world around us. Perhaps unsurprisingly, scientists have come up with some of the most vivid units. For example, computer scientists needing to measure tiny cursor movements […]

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A Visual Guide to Spotting Counterfeit Money

  Money makes the world go around — but if you use fake currency by mistake, it’s likely to put a sudden stop to your day. It’s easy for a shopkeeper to accidentally pass you a fake banknote without you noticing. When you try to pass it on, you realise […]

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How to Improve Your Interview Skills

There’s no doubt about it: Interviews are the most challenging part of landing a job. You have to spend a fair bit of time preparing: reading up on the company, anticipating the kinds of questions you’ll be asked, figuring out what kind of questions you’ll need to ask and more. […]

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