Don’t Get Caught In These Traps!

Avoid These Traps When Securing Health Insurance

Acquiring health insurance requires a thorough search on the part of the consumer. With so many companies and various plans all promising the best package, it can be quite overwhelming to an individual unfamiliar with the industry. And then there’s the monthly costs involved and pocket change at stake! We […]

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Are You Ready for Retirement?

How to Prepare for Retirement

For most of us, retirement sounds lovely. With no work to worry about, you’ll have all the time you want to do what you like. You can dive into hobbies, spend time with family or travel the world. The limiting factor, of course, is funds. If you won’t be earning […]

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Lesser Known Money Laws

Outdated Laws About You, Your Business And Your Money

Around the world, laws and statutes have to change to keep up with the times and many that were once designed to protect us or benefit the country, are now wildly outdated. It’s unlikely the Queen in the UK needs whalebone to make her corsets, but according to the Prerogativa […]

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Travel Tips for Business Travellers

Practical Business Travelling Tips

Embarking on a business trip is hectic; you have to pack, hop on a plane, prepare your work, check-in at a hotel and eventually try to rest before repeating the same cycle the following morning. Not exactly relaxing — especially if you’re not used to it! If you’re a first-time […]

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Stay on Top of Tech

Top 6 UK Tech Trends of 2015

As technology continues to pervade our everyday lives, let’s take a look at six different ways technology is expected to grow in our society this year. Bluetooth Low Energy Technology1 Expect 2015 to see retail-tracking technology get much smarter as Apple advances its iBeacon hardware. A device that uses Bluetooth […]

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Work From Home Like A Pro

7 Best Practices for Working From Home

Last year, the Office of National Statistics found the percentage of home workers in the UK has risen to 13.9% of the workforce — the highest such percentage since they began documenting the statistic in 1998.1 The total number of people working from home has also risen to its highest […]

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10 Types of Work You Can Do From Anywhere

In the period of January – March 2014, 13.9% of the UK workforce worked from home. This was the highest rate of home working since comparable records began in 1998. Of these home workers, around 1.5 million (or 5% of workers) worked within their home or its grounds, while the remaining […]

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Is Time to Change Careers?

How to Change Careers

It’s a new year and perhaps you have been mulling over new opportunities for change and searching for a fresh start. Maybe you decided that the best way to begin again is to change careers. Did you know the average person in the UK will change careers once every decade?1 […]

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