out of office email responses

Useful Out of Office Templates

You’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks — hard earned holiday time away from grueling hours of work. Your itinerary is set, your bag is packed and there is only one more thing standing between you and your time off: your out of office email. While this basic practice […]

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An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting Infographic

An Introvert’s Guide to Getting Your Voice Heard in a Meeting

When you’re an introvert, work meetings can feel like a necessary evil. Sure, they’re important, but you know that you work most effectively by yourself or in a one-on-one scenario. Even when you have something amazing to contribute, you don’t warm to the prospect of speaking up in front of […]

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Linkedin Power User header

How to Become a LinkedIn Power User

Are you looking to give your career a boost and find a better job? Do you want to climb to the next rung on your professional ladder? The key to finding your dream position could be your LinkedIn profile. Making it a stunning advertisement of your skills and talents is […]

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How to Improve Your Interview Skills

There’s no doubt about it: Interviews are the most challenging part of landing a job. You have to spend a fair bit of time preparing: reading up on the company, anticipating the kinds of questions you’ll be asked, figuring out what kind of questions you’ll need to ask and more. […]

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5 Ways That Freelancers are Transforming the Economy

The way we work is changing. With five million UK workers already employed on-demand via services such as Airbnb and Uber, the balance is shifting between those who use ‘gig’-work to supplement an old-fashioned 9-5 job and those for whom a networked society means no longer having to show up […]

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How to Master the Digital First Impression

How you look, what you say and how you behave remain vital tools for job applicants in the digital age: with employers taking just three seconds1 to decide whether they like you, it has become essential to cultivate an online presence that leaves no room for doubt. While it pays […]

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How to be Productive at Home & Work

How to be Productive at Home and Work

In today’s demanding world, finding the time to accomplish everything on your plate isn’t always so easy. Whether you’re struggling to finish tasks at home or meet the demands of work, there’s a productivity problem at play. Making an active effort to improve your productivity will help you live a […]

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