Budget Calculator


A great way to start saving is by breaking down your monthly spending habits. Most of us have a general estimate of how much we spend per month, but by tasking everything out, you can see where expenditures can be reigned in.

Give our monthly budget calculator a try and find some areas where you can start saving.

Net monthly household income (all sources) £
Regular Bills
Mortgage/rent £
Council tax £
Water £
Electricity £
Gas £
Communication (phone, television, internet, etc.) £
Loan repayments £
Credit cards £
Groceries £
Clothes and shoes £
Furnishings and household items £
Health and personal services £
Home £
Auto £
Life and protection £
Other £
Car payments £
Petrol £
Public transport £
Education £
Daycare/nanny £
Dining out £
Entertainment (cinema, sports, etc.) £
Travel £
Miscellaneous £
Total Monthly Expenses £ Total Remaining Funds £
Category INCOME % £ TOTAL
Regular Bills £
Household £
Insurance £
Transportation £
Children £
Leisure £
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