What’s the Price of Passing?

The Cost of Bereavement in the UK

“I’m not afraid of death; I just don’t want to be there when it happens.” – Woody Allen Losing a loved one is a devastating life experience, but the shock could be intensified when you realise just how much it costs to organise a fitting send-off. A report by The Guardian […]

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Lesser Known Money Laws

Outdated Laws About You, Your Business And Your Money

Around the world, laws and statutes have to change to keep up with the times and many that were once designed to protect us or benefit the country, are now wildly outdated. It’s unlikely the Queen in the UK needs whalebone to make her corsets, but according to the Prerogativa […]

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Prepping Saves Time and Money

How Meal Prep Helps You

Eating well throughout the week can be difficult. It seems like we have less and less time to spend choosing and preparing meals, while unhealthy options constantly present themselves in the guise of fast food, junk snacks and sugary sweets. One way to keep your diet under your control is […]

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Travelling By Train

The Real Cost of Commuting by Train in the UK

According to a 2013 survey of the British workforce1, a tenth of us travels by train to get to the office every morning. And as the train prices rise year on year, costing over £5,000 for an annual ticket in some parts of London2, we’re left to wonder if we […]

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Modern Banknotes

Official Documents Which Just Got Interesting!

The internet is full of examples of the ways people have attempted to turn even the most formal documents into something a little less mundane, if for no other reason than to lighten the mood every now and then. From the public’s amusing application of artwork to bank notes, to […]

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Credit Awards

On Stride Financial Named as Finalist at Credit Today Awards

On Stride Financial shortlisted for ‘Alternative Lender of the Year – Mid-Short Term’ at Credit Today Awards Judging criteria will include commitment to borrower driven innovations, business and credit practices and customer satisfaction levels London, 18 March 2015 – On Stride Financial, an innovative new personal loan provider in the […]

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10 Types of Work You Can Do From Anywhere

In the period of January – March 2014, 13.9% of the UK workforce worked from home. This was the highest rate of home working since comparable records began in 1998. Of these home workers, around 1.5 million (or 5% of workers) worked within their home or its grounds, while the remaining […]

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How to Holiday Without Guilt

Use All Your Holiday Time Guilt-Free

Many of us have trouble using all our holiday time, worrying that taking too much time will make us look bad. But utilising your holiday time isn’t just an opportunity to enjoy yourself, it’s important for your mental health. Here are some tips on using all your allotted holiday time, […]

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