6 Habits of Productive People

Productive people are some of the most successful people. Their behaviours and daily routines allow them to be more organised and maximise their time with their work, friends and family. But how do they achieve this? Read on to learn what habits some of the most productive and successful CEOs […]

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Is Time to Change Careers?

How to Change Careers

It’s a new year and perhaps you have been mulling over new opportunities for change and searching for a fresh start. Maybe you decided that the best way to begin again is to change careers. Did you know the average person in the UK will change careers once every decade?1 […]

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Achieving a Work-Life Balance

10 Tips to Achieve a Work-Life Balance

For many, achieving a healthy work-life balance seems like an unattainable feat. Did you know that one-third of Brits check their work emails before 7:30 a.m. during the week?1 In the UK, Britons are increasingly aware of the issue of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. But how exactly can you […]

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Life Hacks for 2015

11 Ways to Make Life Easier in 2015

It is officially 2015! Is one of your resolutions or goals for the new year to get financially, professionally and personally organised? We’ve come up with 11 life hacks to make your life and year easier: 1. Decrease outgoing funds. Don’t need it? Don’t buy it! This year, try to […]

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Homeowners Association 101

Get to Know the Homeowners Association

There are 17 million homeowners and 5 million aspiring homeowners in the United Kingdom.1 Buying a home is a big decision, not to mention an expensive one. In the UK, the cost of buying a home skyrocketed to £163,000 on average in 2013, which is six times higher than the […]

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Does Your Property Have Kerb Appeal?

Kerb Appeal: Improve the Appearance of Your Property

First impressions are just as important as first glimpses. When you are walking through a residential neighbourhood or in the city streets, what you do notice about the buildings first? The qualities that make the exterior of a structure look attractive to you, to a buyer, or to a customer, […]

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