checklist for career change

The Checklist You Need When Considering a Career Switch

Stressed at work? Unable to build your skills? Frustrated with limited growth potential? It may be time to consider a career switch. A recent survey by Investors in People showed that 47% of the UK workforce anticipated looking for a job within the last year.1 If you find yourself lacking […]

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How to Make Small Outdoor Spaces Look Bigger

Space is at more and more of a premium for city-dwellers – and unfortunately, homebuyers often need to prioritize indoor room over an expansive backyard. Have you ever looked out at your garden and wished you had more space? Or wondered why you never really use your balcony? Yes, having […]

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The Motto of Every County in the UK, Mapped

The counties of the UK are a weird and wonderful mosaic of overlapping histories, local rivalries, strange dialects, and curious customs. While the land was originally divided into administrative areas by the Romans, over time these artificial borders have come to represent the best and worst of regional pride – […]

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out of office email responses

Useful Out of Office Templates

You’ve been looking forward to this moment for weeks — hard earned holiday time away from grueling hours of work. Your itinerary is set, your bag is packed and there is only one more thing standing between you and your time off: your out of office email. While this basic practice […]

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how you learn best

How Do You Learn Best?

“Learning” is often thought about as a school-related task. Writing papers, studying for tests and listening to lectures all require you to learn something. But learning goes far beyond the classroom — it’s an integral part of our daily lives. How you learn is a different matter. Do you prefer […]

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