6 Unconventional Ways to Make Money


Quirky Jobs for CashWhat do you do when you are late on your rent, car payment or credit card bill? When you have exhausted all your primary financial resources, how do you cover your expenses? At times, our regular salary may not cover all of life’s overheads. However, there are quite a few alternative ways to earn extra pounds.

1. Freelance Websites

Websites like freelancers.net and peopleperhour.com help freelance writers, graphic designers, artists, marketing professionals, developers and others find work. If you have a unique and diverse skill set, you can use it to make a few extra pounds in your free time. If you don’t already have a knack for these, create some time for yourself daily to home in on your interests in order to make money off them later!

2. Mobile Apps

Do you own a smartphone? Mobile apps like Surveys on the Go, Gigwalk, Iconzoomer and Pact will pay you handsomely to complete a task or mission. You have to sign a contract, so make sure to play nicely to avoid a fee!

3.  Nanny

If you have some free time before or after work or on the weekends, have you considered becoming a nanny? Nannyjob.co.uk lists a multitude of agencies and families seeking individuals to look after their children at various times. So if you’re good with kids, consider this option to bring in a little extra income.

4. Dog Walker

 Fresh air and Fido — the perfect combination! If you don’t mind burning some calories to make extra money, consider becoming a part-time dog walker. Check out the-dogwalker.co.uk or dogwalkingnow.co.uk to find dogs in your area that need a good daily walk.

5. Temp Work

While you are searching for full-time employment or a better-paying gig, there are job sites that are dedicated to temporary work — like reed.co.uk —to help you along the way. Temp work is a great opportunity to maintain a steady income and get experience in different fields.

6. Recycling Goods

 Did you know that you could recycle a variety of items — including mobile phones, ink cartridges and clothes — in addition to bottles and cans? Websites like envirofone.com, cashforcartridges.co.uk, ebay.co.uk and many others offer money in exchange for goods. Recycling unused items may seem like a bit of a hassle, but it is great for the environment and also a unique way to bring in some extra money.



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