6 Frugal New Year’s Resolutions


Aside from getting physically fit and improving your diet, what do you want to accomplish in the new year? If it has anything to do with saving money, you’re not alone. We’re here to help by outlining 6 frugal New Year’s resolutions to start you and your finances out on the right foot.

1. Stop Eating Out
Instead of spending money on lavish lunches and dinner dates, opt for making meals at home! Cook with inexpensive ingredients such as rice, pasta and cheap meat. To take the savings to the next level, cook a large enough meal at the start of the week — you’ll have leftovers for the remainder and won’t have to spend money on lunch! Win, win.

2. Skip the Gym (Prices)
Getting in shape is usually at the top of our resolutions list. It is also usually very expensive to do. Between gym memberships and workout gear, the cost of getting fit can add up. A cost-effective solution is to set up an area in your home for some simple, yet effective exercises, saving you money and hassle. 

3. Public Transportation
Give your car a break and opt for public transportation in the new year. If you have the option, skip the high gas prices and invest in a train or bus pass to get around town. You’ll even be able to use your commute to get extra work done or catch up on your reading!

 4. Keep a (Spending) Diary
Keep track of all your spending — big and small — to get a clear picture of where exactly your money is going. Knowing where each and every penny is being spent is extremely helpful in moderating your spending and is a fantastic (and sometimes tough) way to understand your spending habits.

 5. Automate
Cut the stress and manage your finances by automating bills and payments whenever possible. Once you get all of your accounts set up on an automated schedule you’ll have a much less chance of missing payments or letting interest accrue.

 6. Supplemental Income
The best way to save money in the new year is to pick up some additional income. Think creatively for ways to pocket some extra change like letting a room, selling some of your goods online or getting a second job.


Liz King


Liz King is a content writer at Enova International, Inc. with a Bachelors of Communication from Ohio University. She has a passion for budget-friendly interior design and free ways to have fun on the weekends.


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