30 Things to Throw Out in 30 Days


Decluttering is a practice we could all benefit from. Maintaining good organisational habits around your home can save you from a lot of headaches. An organised home is an organised mind, after all. To that end, consider these 30 areas or items you can clean up to free your home — and your head — of unnecessary clutter.


Week 1


The first week is when you need to do the heavy lifting. These items are the first things that need to go before you fine tune the rest of your home.


  1. Clothing

Perhaps the easiest place to start is your wardrobe. Clothing takes up more space than other cluttered areas. If you haven’t worn a particular item in more than two years, it’s probably time to consider donating it to an organisation that can use it.


  1. Accessories and Shoes

Do you have a habit of collecting shoes, jewellery, bags, belts, and other accessories and only using them once in a blue moon? It might be time to evaluate if those items are worth the amount of space they can take up.


  1. Old Food Items

Hoarding household food staples is something many have practised over the years. Go through your pantry and cabinets and check the expiration dates on items that have been in there a while. If they’re past their expiration date, it’s time to toss them out. If they’re close, what have you been waiting for? Use it in your next recipe or donate it to a food pantry.


  1. Cooking Utensils and Cleaning Products

While you’re in the kitchen, go through your other cabinets and see if there are other items it’s time to get rid of. If your drawers are constantly cluttered with items you rarely use, it might be junk that doesn’t justify the space. Consider selling items in a garage sale, car boot sale or online.


  1. Toiletries and Old Medicines

Items like toothpaste and medicine have expiration dates, and those dates should not be neglected. Take some time to go through your stash of toiletries and medicines to make sure everything you have is still something that may prove useful. For medicines, be sure to follow proper disposal protocol or look into a medicine take-back program or authorised collector to make sure it’s safely discarded.


  1. Mail, Newspapers and Magazines

Have you been keeping old mail and other print materials littered around your home? It’s probably time to toss them out. Those items are only relevant for a period of time and are quick to become clutter. Don’t let them stick around too long!


  1. Books, DVDs, Video Games and Apps

This group of items often provides entertainment or informational value for a longer period of time than the previously listed items, but even they should have a shelf life. If it’s a book or film you aren’t interested in watching again (or could access digitally), it’s time to donate it. If it’s a mobile app that you haven’t used in more than six months, delete it! It’s a good practice to keep your phone — and your mind — free from clutter!


Next 3 Weeks 

Now that you’ve gotten the larger areas covered, sort through these items to toss or donate before the end of the month!

  1. Unnecessary items from your wallet
  2. Candles with less than an hour left of life
  3. Email subscriptions that you never read
  4. Photos on your phone you don’t need
  5. Music you don’t like on your computer
  6. Apps you don’t use on your phone
  7. Empty boxes and random cardboard
  8. Old or misshapen pillows
  9. Broken or old electronics
  10. Takeout menus and random papers
  11. Old and unnecessary receipts
  12. Holiday lights and decorations
  13. Old school supplies
  14. Picture frames and décor
  15. Board games you no longer play
  16. Raggedy towels and linens
  17. Pens that don’t work and pencils that are too short
  18. Old rugs that you no longer use
  19. Cords and wires for random appliances
  20. Keepsakes that no longer hold sentimental value
  21. Pet toys that are well past their prime
  22. Children’s toys that have been outgrown
  23. Items/trash left in your car
Barbara Davidson


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