25 No-Spend Weekend Activities


spending detoxSometimes after a big party or a weekend of travel, diets spiral out of control and our bodies crave some time to recover. Whether it be a juice cleanse or a diet detox of healthy meals, sometimes we just need to reset. The same thing can happen with our spending habits, especially when the weekends roll around and you want to enjoy your time away from work doing something fun and new. But when Monday rolls around, is your budget hurting?

Consider doing a budget detox and have a no-spend weekend — it doesn’t have to be a no-fun weekend! Think of it as a mini-spending freeze as well as an opportunity to get creative with free things to do. This means sacrificing your ability to spend, not your ability to have a great time. Plus one no-spend weekend per month can really open up other financial opportunities, or just give you a cushion in your budget. Looking for some inspiration for your next spending detox weekend? We’ve got you covered with this list of 25 no-spend ideas.


  1. Take a bike ride through a different neighborhood.
  2. Have a spa day at home with things you already have around the home.
  3. Find a podcast and learn something new.
  4. Challenge yourself with a tough recipe in the kitchen.
  5. Call an old friend or family member you haven’t caught up with in forever.
  6. Visit the library and browse books and films.
  7. Deep clean your home.
  8. Have dessert in the park and look at the stars.
  9. Learn something new through TED Talks or YouTube videos.
  10. Volunteer in your community.
  11. Do a DIY project.
  12. Stroll around a free museum.
  13. Try a free yoga video.
  14. Plan your next holiday (maybe with the money you spend from your detox).
  15. Learn a new language.
  16. Do a movie marathon.
  17. Play board games or cards.
  18. Write a letter to an old friend.
  19. Clean out your wardrobe and list what you don’t want online for some spending money.
  20. Pack a picnic and head to the beach.
  21. Find a free concert and experience new music.
  22. Head to your nearest hiking path and explore nature.
  23. Find an open mic night and take in some poetry, chuckle at a comedian, etc.
  24. Be a tourist in your own area; Search for “free things to do” and explore your city through new eyes.
  25. Visit a local gallery or art show and enjoy some free art.
Barbara Davidson


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