19 Ways to Save Money in an Hour


19 Tips to Save MoneyTrying to save money can be a challenge. But we’ve identified a number of ways to save both money and time. Check out these 19 ways to save money in an hour:

1. Pack Lunch

Instead of buying your lunch at work every day, bring it from home. You will be shocked at how much you save weekly by packing your lunch. It only takes a few minutes, and you can enjoy delicious leftovers from your previous meal.

2. Save Your Loose Change

Empty your pockets at the end of each day and put the loose change in a jar. Watch the amount accumulate over time!

3. Plan Meals for the Week

Before heading to the supermarket, make a list. Determine what ingredients you already have and what you will need to buy to prepare your week’s breakfasts, lunches and dinners. Then when you arrive at the store, stick to your list without making any impulse purchases. If you get the urge to buy something that isn’t on the list, put the money you would have spent on the item into your savings instead.

4. Make Coffee at Home

Instead of purchasing coffee or tea on your way to work, brew it at home. Wake up a few minutes early every day and take it with you in a travel mug. The savings really add up!

5. Clean Out Your Closet

Chances are good that your closet stores some items you don’t need anymore. Instead of tossing the old clothes, shoes or accessories, host a yard sale or sell the items on eBay. Save the money you earn from your sales for future expenses.

6. Rid Yourself of Bad Habits

A habit like smoking gets expensive. Letting go of your vice will undoubtedly save you money. Plus it’s better for your overall health.

7. Turn Off the Lights

When you leave a room in your home, turn the light off! Electricity may be your highest utility bill, and you can reduce it simply by remembering to flip the switch.

8. Cancel Unused Memberships

Have you had the same fitness club membership for years, but never gone? Cancel it! One of the easiest ways to save money is to get rid of unnecessary expenses. If you have the urge to work out, outdoor exercise should suffice.

9. Switch to Generic

For makeup, for toiletries, for groceries — go generic! The labels won’t look the same as your favourite brand names’, but usually the contents will be nearly identical. Save money by purchasing off-brand items!

10. Ride Public Transport

Cut the cost of petrol by taking public transport to your destination. If your job is relatively close to home, consider walking or riding a bicycle. Leave the car at home until you need it for longer journeys, and save a bit of money.

11. Fill Your Tyres

If you have to commute to work in a car, make sure your tyres have enough air. This will help save money on petrol and helps your car run smoother.

12. Check PetrolPrices.com

This website allows you to search for the lowest petrol prices in your area by entering your postcode or town. If you drive daily or are taking a road trip, search for the cheapest petrol and save money along the way.

13. Plant a Garden

Do you have a green thumb? Whether you do or do not, try planting a garden full of vegetables and fruits that you enjoy. This will eventually decrease your grocery expenses, and you will have a fun new hobby.

14. Buy in Bulk

Retail stores like Costco sell items in bulk. If you have a large family or a large freezer, purchasing items in bigger quantities will usually help cut costs.

15. Buyer’s Remorse

If you recently bought an item that was out of your budget, consider returning it and opting out for a cheaper alternative. It’s not necessarily too late to save quid.

16. Create a Calendar

Take an hour to create a calendar that details the payments you have to make throughout the month. This will allow you to visualise your finances at a glance and help you maintain your budget.

17. Search for Unused Gift Certificates

Did you get a gift certificate to your favourite bistro last month? What did you do with that Amazon gift card from your birthday? Keep tabs on your unused gift cards so that you keep more cash in your pocket.

18. DIY Repairs

Leaky sink? Paint-chipped wall? Don’t hire someone to make repairs if you can do it yourself!

19. Research

Before you decide to move forward with a big purchase, do as much research as possible. Explore alternative options, compare items and seek discounts. It may take longer to actually make the purchase, but your wallet will thank you.





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