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Why You Can’t Sleep and What to Do About It

  Getting to sleep at night can be a real struggle for some people. When insomnia becomes an issue, the very thought of failing to sleep can be what keeps you awake. But how can you break this vicious circle? It begins with a few bad nights, and you try relaxation methods or sleeping medication […]

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20 Things to Do for Half-Term Holidays

February Half-Term is right around the corner. While it’s a popular time for travel, it comes at a cost: Families pay up to eight times more than normal for flights during half-term holidays — and it doesn’t stop there.1 High demand drives up the price of hotel rooms, car rentals and more. Quality time with […]

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Which Job Would You Have in the 1920s?

  Compared to how life was just a few decades ago, life in the 21st century looks like science-fiction. We work on tiny portable computers and spend our wages using apps on our smart phones. But how would you have got by in the ‘Roaring Twenties’? For example, if you’re an early riser, you might […]

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How to Improve Your Interview Skills

There’s no doubt about it: Interviews are the most challenging part of landing a job. You have to spend a fair bit of time preparing: reading up on the company, anticipating the kinds of questions you’ll be asked, figuring out what kind of questions you’ll need to ask and more. That’s only the beginning. You […]

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