An Introvert’s Guide to Starting A New Job

Starting a new job can be particularly tough for introverts. Everybody has a mixture of excitement and anxiety on their first day, but introverts will be faced with the types of challenge that stress them the most. What can you do to prepare yourself for such a big day? As an introvert, your first days […]

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13 Driving Tactics to Save Fuel (Header Image)

13 Driving Tactics to Save Fuel

Driving can be expensive! You find your dream car at a little more than the right price, but then you have to add in road tax, insurance, and other extras. Once it’s on the road, there are always small repairs to do, and the cost is never small. Fuel can literally burn through your budget. […]

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motivation header

Tools to Keep You Motivated

Barely six months have passed since New Year’s resolutions were declared and probably around five months since they were abandoned! Making a new goal to improve your life is easy — forming the new habit and fully committing to it? Now that’s the challenge. Sometimes the drive to improve our lives isn’t enough to keep up […]

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A Visual Guide to Spotting Counterfeit Money

  Money makes the world go around — but if you use fake currency by mistake, it’s likely to put a sudden stop to your day. It’s easy for a shopkeeper to accidentally pass you a fake banknote without you noticing. When you try to pass it on, you realise you’ve been ripped off. How […]

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New Homeowners Guide to Saving Money

Buying a home can be a long, stressful process, even after you finally close on your new place. Regardless of the condition of your new home, many new homeowners should know that there is extra work to be done outside of unpacking boxes and choosing paint colours. When you are fresh to the space and […]

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Uses for a Lemon

31 Clever Uses for a Lemon

The mighty lemon: A powerful little fruit that packs a real punch in sauces, drinks and sprinkled on food. It’s full of vitamin C and countless other vitamins and minerals. Yet we always seem to end up buying too many to eat. What else can we do to put this citrus fruit to creative use? […]

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