How awkwardly British are you?

If there's one thing we Brits are good at, it's taking a potentially awkward situation and turning it into an absolute farce. From big tips for bad haircuts to the universally-recognised system of tutting and sighing, we cannot be beaten on brute bashfulness.

To find out just how awkwardly British you can be we've made a quiz to help grade your tendency to make things uncomfortable and how you deal with embarrassing situations.

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What's your awkward index?

Take this quiz to find out if you're smooth as silk, bold as brass or, like many Brits, embarrassingly awkward under pressure.

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British Gent Moustache

Question 1

An unwelcome guest wants another brew - how do you make it to drive them away?

Slide the tea bag to your preferred colour

Tea Strong Tea Mid Tea Weak
Milky Water

Question 2

Your ex is walking down the street towards you. What do you do?

Question 3

Another passenger's headphones are too loud. How do you react?

Question 4

When do you consider someone to be 'In your personal space'?

Slide the other person to your prefered distance

Different Continents
6 metres
1 metre
Noses touching

Different Continents

Really terribly awkward

Question 5

You hit 'Reply All' on a scathing email about a colleague. What do you do?

Question 6

You're at the pub, glass empty, and it's someone else's round. What do you do?

Question 7

You get a rubbish meal at a restaurant. How much will you tip for a £50 bill?

Click the coins to give to the waiter

Coin Coin Back
Coin Coin Back
Coin Coin Back
Coin Coin Back
Coin Coin Back


The bill tasted better than the meal

Question 8

A friend calls to make cinema plans, but you'd much rather spend the evening at home on the couch. What do you do?

Question 9

Your mum turns up unexpectedly. You forgot it's her birthday. What do you do?

Question 10

While watching TV with the whole family, a rather intense love scene comes on.

Using the colour palette below, please choose the shade that your cheeks would turn in this situation.

Chair Man
Chair Light Lightbulb Clock


Not even a knee tremble

You are 92% Awkward Foot in mouth ninja

British Gent Moustache

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