A Guide to Your Loan

Do you need to borrow some money? On Stride Financial is a lender focused on providing unsecured personal loans from £1,000 to £3,000, which can be used to help with life's financial emergencies. And with loan durations of 1 or 2 years available, you can choose a loan that works for your unique financial circumstances. Our online application process is straightforward, allowing you to apply for the help you need at a time to suit you.

£1,000 Loans at a Glance

It's daunting to find yourself in need of a loan, whether it’s a financial emergency or a planned expense. Many individuals who need significant funding with a fast turnaround tend to opt for a short-term loan, without ever considering the possibility of borrowing from friends or family. While this can be a potentially awkward situation, borrowing from friends or family members can often be a safe, affordable way to get the funding you need.

"In many cases your need for funding can be pushed back a bit to allow you time to research your options."

Do your Research

That said, if borrowing funds from someone close to you isn't an option, and you decide to take on a loan, make sure you do your research. Start by taking a good look at your own financial needs, focusing on not just the amount of cash you need to obtain, but the urgency of that need.

While it may feel as though you need to borrow funds immediately, in many cases your need for funding can potentially be pushed back, allowing you enough time to research and select the best option available to you. Ultimately, the most important thing you can do for yourself in acquiring a loan is to consider a variety of lenders and loan types, contrasting your need with what's available to you, and choosing the loan that makes the most sense.

How £1000 Loans Work

First of all, it's important to understand that few lenders will offer only a £1000 loan to their potential customers. Instead, a typical lender will offer a variety of loan amounts, in order to serve a wider range of customers. With that in mind, here are some things that you might find to be true about £1000 loans in particular:

Loan Amount

The amount you borrow can have an effect on other aspects of that loan, such as the loan length or type.

  • Short-term loan: For example, a loan for £1000 is likely to be a shorter-term loan, with just one repayment date.
  • Instalment loan: On the other hand, a larger amount such as £10,000 is more likely to be an instalment loan, with multiple repayments over a longer period of time.

Ways to Use a Your Loan

Whether a short-term loan or an instalment loan, a £1000 loan for an individual will almost always fall into the category of personal loans. This means that, once you're approved and your loan has been funded, the £1000 loan is yours to do with as you please. Still, because of the substantial commitment, and the interest paid on a personal loan, we recommend that our customers treat their funds responsibly.

"The most important thing when taking on a personal loan is that you understand the commitment you're making..."

When your car breaks down or your roof needs some repairs and you don't have the cash to cover it, you may not have another option but to take out a short-term personal loan. Alternatively, if you have an important project that needs extra funding — a home renovation for example — considering a personal loan may be the right way to go. As always, the most important thing when taking on a personal loan is that you understand the commitment you're making, and have a clear plan in place to repay that loan on time and in full.